Better Math Teaching NetworkNews BMTN’s New Guide to Reflecting on Instructional Depth (GRID) Series

BMTN’s New Guide to Reflecting on Instructional Depth (GRID) Series

Kirk Walters and Toni Smith developed the GRID to help teachers reflect on their instruction, identify areas where they can be more student-centered, and select strategies to make incremental improvements in that direction. The four-part series provides step-by-step guidance for determining students’ depth of mathematical justifications and who is driving those justifications.  It also gives teachers seeking to make their instruction more strongly student-centered concrete examples of each the four levels of depth and drivers to help in their self-assessments.

Part 1 – This video provides you with an overview of the GRID

Part  2 – In this video, you will learn to examine the depth of justifications by looking at examples of student emphasis on answers, steps, explanations and arguments.

Part 3 – In this video, you will assess whether the justifications are being driven primarily by the teacher or the student through sample interactions

Part 4 – In this video, you will put it all together and determine ways to make incremental improvements to your instruction using the grid

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